The Importance of Resilience to manage Stress Reduction

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Emotional Wellness Tools and Sessions

Building Personal Resilience


Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.  The Building Personal Resilience Guide can be used to introduce simple, practical techniques that can help you de-stress from challenging situations, big or small.  

Exploring the energy-management concepts with your Licensed HeartMath Coach can: 

  • help you see where you may be draining your energy
  • help you discover where you may be depleting your reserves
  • assist you in developing emotional stamina to be your best at all times
  • help you build a greater capacity  to self-regulate how you respond to stress 
  • help you quiet an overactive mind 


Inner Balance Technology


The Bluetooth Inner Balance sensor and App for Android and iPhone trains you to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence.  The Bluetooth Inner Balance technology::

  • analyzes and displays our heart rhythm
  • displays how emotional states are affecting our nervous system
  • trains us to self-generate a highly efficient physiological state called Heart Rate Variability (HRV) coherence

A few minutes of daily coherence practice has been shown to:

  • reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress, such as...
  • overwhelm, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety and burnout

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Coach/Mentor Packages


Coach/Mentor Packages have been created for Optimum Benefits.  However, you can begin slowly with the Building Personal Resilience Guide (a workbook) and add a Coaching Session when needed or choose the Building Personal Resilience Program which includes the Building Personal Resilience Guide and 4 Coaching Sessions or choose the Building Personal Resilience Program plus the Bluetooth Inner Balance technology.  Our heart rhythms are the best reflection of our inner state or choose the Bluetooth Inner Balance Sensor and App to get started.  You will gain:  

  • more resiliency and vitality  
  • overall sense of well-being   
  • mental clarity and focus
  • improved relationshipseffective communication
  • emotional stamina
  • confidence in managing your emotions when intense feelings are triggered


FREE Shipping. No refunds on individual items in Packages. Replacement where appropriate.

Single Coaching/Mentoring/Assessment/Healing Session


Single Coaching/Mentoring/Assessment/Healing Session

This fee is for a single session on the telephone, (50 t0 60 minutes)  Skype etc.  I have found that with a first session it is nice to connect briefly by video, so we can visually meet each other and chat about what our focus will be within the session.  After that, session on audio seems to be more beneficial without the visual distraction especially with Emotional Wellness Coaching Sessions and Brennan Healing Science Healings where a state of inner mindfulness is often encouraged.  However, I honor Client's preferences.



Building Personal Resilience Program


Building Personal Resilience Program

Includes Building Personal Resilience Guide Workbook plus 4 Coaching Sessions.  See description listed in the Single Session decription above.  Also note if you desire to go slowly and need extra Coaching Sessions, Coaching Session Packages are available in 3 Session Package and 6 Session Package. Can be purchased on Energy Wellness Page.  The Workbook is a physical Workbook you will receive in the mail and after you preview a lesson, we will go over the content together and do the exercises and breathing techniques.  Homework or HomePlay as we call it is encouraged. After completing this Program you will feel more confidence in managing your stress responses quickly and confidently and feel more Joy in your life.    Save $73.00


Building Personal Resilience Program

Building Person Resilience Program Plus


Building Person Resilience Program Plus

Includes Building Personal Resilience Guide Workbook, 4 Coaching Sessions, Inner Balance Technology (Bluetooth) for iPhone or Android.  Save $112.00


Building Person Resilience Program Plus

Inner Balance Sensor, App and Mini Coaching


Inner Balance Sensor, App and Mini Coaching

Inner Balance Bluetooth App, Sensor and 20 Minute Mini Coaching Session.  This offer allows you the opportunity to purchase the Inner Balance Technology (Bluetooth) as a stand alone program and also receive a 30 minute instructional mini coaching session at no extra cost. It shows Real time HRV feedback, Guided Meditations, Real-time Coaching Tips, Advanced Options and an On-line Platform for users which provide many extras including keeping journal notes and earn reward points for daily practice.  It is easy and fun to use.  Value $234.00)


Inner Balance Sensor, App and Mini Coaching

Getting Started with Inner Balance Sensor

Check out this great video about how to get started using HeartMath's Inner Balance Technology for Stress Reduction and to help you develop an inner state of mindfulness.


Moved from deep grief, anxiety and depression

I knew I needed guidance to aid me  move from deep grief, depression, anxiety and weakened  energy. The HeartMath program along with June's coaching helped me make it all happen.

Bette C, Magnolia, DE

HeartMath is different, because you not only draw on a positive experience, but with practice you can actually train your body to react the same way it did when you initially had that positive experience.

Debbie Charlton, Director of Cardiovascular Services, Shands at AGH

I now know how to manage and reduce my stress

At a time when my stress level was literally over the top with four members of my six-member family dealing with major illnesses, June introduced me to HeartMath. Even though the outer situations in my life have not changed I now use my tools and find I am quickly able to return to an inner place with more balance and harmony. I experience a greater sense of well-being than I have ever known in my life. I know how to manage and reduce my stress, improve my health and have more compassion and patience with other people as they meet their challenges in these times of great change. Thank you June Schamp and HeartMath.

S.B. Dover, DE

Reduced the static created by my mind

June coached me thorough the HeartMath Program showing me how to establish coherence and reduce the static created by my mind.  Stopping to gather myself and shift to a better feeling place is something I do several times a day now.  I am working on making a meditation of heart connected breathing part of every day.  Thanks June for continuing to learn and for coaching me to a more heart-centered life. 

PBS, Rehoboth, DE

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

Check out this great video about your Heart's Intuitive Intelligence