Founder Clayton Nolte talks with Tanya

Check out this great video about the healthiest water ever...Structured Water.

Our Favorite Structured Water Units are available for you and your family.

Portable Unit Benefits


  • Awesome at home and when traveling
  • Pour all water drinks thro' portable to make them safe
  • Swish around in tub to detox the water
  • Super hydration and increase stamina
  • Experience more energy due to increased oxygen
  • Less jet lag

Shower Unit Benefits


  • Experience healthier, softer hydrated skin
  • Hair has less tangles
  • Experience bright eyes and flexibility
  • Eliminates itchy skin due to dehydration
  • Feel alive and full of energy
  • Feel more relaxed and ready to embrace the your day.  Drink structured water

Whole House Unit Benefits


  • Structured water available for all daily water use
  • health improves  due to increase oxygen and super hydration
  • convenience, benefits pets and gardening endeavors
  • works without filters, chemicals . salts, electricity, magnets 
  • has no moving mechanical parts
  • 10 year warranty

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Special Private Water Wellness Packages

Free Shipping. No refunds on individual Package Items. Replacement when Appropriate.

Hydration Education Package


Hydration Education Package

Includes 1 Natural Action Technologies Portal Unit and 1 Hydration Coaching Session.  It's the time to really educate yourself and your family about the water you drink and how it is or is not benefiting your health through hydration.  Learn how to experience true vitality, youthfulness and beauty that can be enhanced through optimal hydration.  Create cellular hydration. Improve nutrient utilization, increase sleep, support detoxification and reduce unhealthy food cravings.  (Value $479.00)


Hydration Education Package

Body Wellness and Scan Package


Body Wellness and Scan Package

To improve our level of Wellness we need to know more about what is really going on in our body's energy-field and with that information we can then assess and correct when needed. This package Includes an Energy-Field Scanning Device you plug into your computer and use to scan your body-field. I will "walk you through" software download and guide you to view your data informational charts which include data of your body's hydration status along with your energy assessment.  Included with Scanner is 1 Structured Water Portable Unit and 1 Coaching/Data Assessment Session.  (Value $624.00)


Body Wellness and Scan Package

Divine Total Body and Water Wellness Package


Divine Total Body and Water Wellness Package

Includes 1 Natural Action Technologies Whole House Structured Water Unit, 1 Body Energy-Field Scanner, 1 Building Personal Resilience Program and 2 NES Feel Good Infoceuticals. This Divine Package offers you the best water to use and drink for optimal hydration benefits along with the convenience that a whole house water system provides.  Easy to install.   You may need a plumber for installation. Information on Scanner is available in other package descriptions described above,  2 Feel Good Infoceuticals help you feel good when life's challenges arise and the Building Personal Wellness Program helps you understand what trigger your stress responses and learn how to manage and transform those responses in the moment. (Value $1,904.00)


Divine Total Body and Water Wellness Package


So Grateful for No Further Pain

No inflammation since September.  I do think the water thingy (portable) is part of it.  I do not use it 100% of the time but use it a lot.  I often take a huge bottle of it with me to work and pour from the bottle into a glass there purified water.  I keep the device at home.  So grateful for  no further pain.

Barb B, Dover  DE  12/18/2018

Loving the Taste and Texture of our Water

We have had the portable unit for a week or more now.  Even hubby is using it.  We are incorporating it in all sorts of ways, drinking, cooking humidifier etc.  This was a great purchase.  I am now wanting a whole house structured water unit.

Lisa S. Milford DE  

Increase Energy and Emotional Stability

First, I used the portable in my bathtub.  I swished it around in heavily chlorinated city water and soaked in the tub for 20 minutes.  The chlorine smell slowly lessened and I was amazed after I stepped out of the tub and found my skin to be soft like silk with optimal hydration, my hair tangle free and a sweet, gentle rush of energy.  Now I have a whole house, structured water unit.

June S. Holmes Beach

Here is how the Structured Water Units Work

Check out this great video about how water is structured.